The Athens Bicycle Co-operative

Athens, Ohio has a non-profit organization of volunteers that fix and play with bikes. The intent being to create a community of people who can enjoy bikes to their fullest. To do this we need a very active and savvy bike community. We further this goal by fixing bikes, teaching volunteers about bikes, creating an environment where volunteers can teach themselves about bikes, planning bike related events, and creating ways of getting more bikes to more people.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now opening: The East Side Bike Co-op

Hello fellow Athenians. I am pleased to announce that a new bike co-op space has been set up in the downstairs area of this residence at 18 Euclid. The space will be designated mainly for the production of yellow bikes used in the bike share, AYBiTS. There are also bikes available for sale, and tools available for use, a VCR and a Super Nintendo for entertainment, and a small library available for lending. In the garage custom bikes and cargo vehicles are made as a part of Bikes Bring It, a planned business that specializes in sidecar pedicabs. Excess frames from the bike-share program are chopped up and used for fabrication. Do you wish to see either a flourishing bike sharing program or more pedicabs on the streets of Athens? Do you see yourself in the seat of a yellow bike or a pedicab driver's seat someday? Then come volunteer at the East Side Bike Co-op!

Hours for the East Side Bike Co-op are:
Tuesdays 5 to 7pm
Thursdays 5 to 7pm

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